Integrated into the greater Grand Junction community, our unique supported living program is a community of its own. With 45 apartments, community room, dining room, fitness and activity centers, the Life Adjustment Program’s campus is settled into a mature 8-acre parcel in the middle of town, grocery stores and restaurants are located on the same block! Fire pits, benches, putting green, pergolas and a fenced dog run allow our residents to experience the comfort and familiarity of a neighborhood park without leaving campus. A quick jaunt to the southeast corner of campus takes you to the Gould Fitness Center, known on campus as the FC.

The FC welcomes all abilities and activity levels. Complete with computer lab, blacked out movie theatre and game room featuring the ever-popular pinball, the life enrichment team facilitates ample activities for our residents. Art classes, crafts and board game tournaments are a regular occurrence but beware, the domino games are competitive – proceed at your own risk. It is also hard pass up a spending a few minutes with Ralph as he completes the current jigsaw puzzle. The campus’s dedicated physical trainer runs exercise classes and personalized support for residents to maintain physical fitness.

Campus living is a combination of two and three bedroom apartments, each with a private bedroom, shared bathroom and shared living room. Our resident’s homes are often decorated with artwork and family photos. The environmental services team keep apartments spick and span with regular housekeeping and laundry services. For meal time, residents are welcome to eat in their homes or join others in the dining room. This is a hustling, bustling community space where delicious, hot meals are prepared for each person to order and served in our expansive dining room. Heather and Michael typically grab a booth with a deck of cards in hand, ready for their meal time poker game as their food is prepared. When you are ready for a joke, Wayne and Ryan are a great place to go. These gentlemen are always ready for a good knee slap.

Under the surface, our residents are supported by robust case management and nursing teams. Case managers support residents with a broad spectrum of services to ensure their ability to thrive physically, emotionally and socially. The medication management team passes nearly 30,000 medications each month, regularly outperforming standards for medication safety and documentation. The care staff is present to provide residents with reminders and support with activities of daily living. Liaisons with the business office make appointments and arrange transportation, ensuring residents are able to consistently connect to care and resources in the community.

Welcome to the neighborhood.